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Do you have verified your account? After registration on hearthis.at we send you an email with a verfification link. You need to open this link in your browser to validate your email adress and to activate your account.

Transcoding time depends on queue length and duration of your uploaded music. I should not takes longer than 30 minutes. If it takes longer feel free to write us a bug report.

We transcode all of your uploaded music to one streaming format. This is defined as 192 kbit/s , cbr, joint stereo. With a Premium Account, you can define the bitrate on your own.

We do not support music import from any sharehoster. To import music from a webserver you need direct access to the mp3 file.

Head over to the edit Artist Page settings. You can change your password within the "Login Data" tab.

On each Track or Mix page you can find a link at the bottom to easily report abuse or copyright infringement. It will be directly submitted to our team.

On the left side in the "Your Profile" dropdown is a logout link at the end.

The 400 upload limit of your account is reseted each week on Sunday, 7pm.

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