A New Show is Coming Soon…A Different Kind of Quiet Storm

My friends I need your advice and opinions on a new series I am going to air over the next few weeks. Please even be critical with them if you feel it’s needed. In the end, I want them to be something you’d want to hear more often.

Starting September 18th and running thru the month of October, I’ll be bringing you a new episode each week of After Midnight. The idea is to hopefully turn this into another show for late night radio. The theme is an updated version of Quiet Storm with R’n’B and Soul “slow jams” music mainly from the late 1980s into the early 2000s.

I recently acquired a library of several thousand tracks to use for the shows so there’s enough wonderful material to last a long time, much of it hasn’t even aired on radio in years if ever. But I can guarantee you there will be many that will bring back some great memories.

So please let me know as they air what you think, either here on this post or in each episodes’ comments section. I hope you like them and with a little luck we’ll even get to share them over the air every week very soon. Many thanks, with love and peace…

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